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Club picture

We always enjoy our annual fun-day. Not only did we have a Sanctioned B-Match, but all of our Airedales had the chance to participate in fun-matches. Check out the following YouTube videos, thanks to Kurt Gutwein.

Low Bar Skills (Limbo-Dales)

Hot Dog Gauntlet

Airedale Bowling


Airedale Club Picnic

We love to get all of our Airedales together

Airedale Club

Fun Days at Burrier's -

Airedale club members

Fun Days at Burrier's -

airedales in the Ring

Sanctioned B-Match

airedale show ring

Kim during the Sanctioned B-Match

airedale club ohio

Denise during the Sanctioned B-Match

airedale club member George

George during the Sanctioned B-Match

airedale ohio club members

Fun Days at Burrier's -

airedale Ohio club member Kim

Fun Days at Burrier's -

airedale Northern ohio club member Carolyn

Fun Days at Burrier's -

Ohio airedale club sanctioned match

Sanctioned B-Match

airedale Ohio bowling

Airedale Bowling Course

Ohio airedale club bowling

Kim convincing her 'dale to land a strike

airedale bowling Ohio

Carefully extracting a treat

Click here to watch Airedale Bowling on YouTube

The Challenge: Ignore two plates of hot dogs

airedale Ohio club hot dogs
Click here to watch the Hot Dog Gauntlet on YouTube

ohio airedale club

Fun Days at Burrier's -

airedale ohio club low bar

Low bar challenge

Click here to watch this on YouTube

Archived Pictures

Airedale Bowling ohio airedale club

Getting ready for Airedale Bowling at Burrier's

airedales ohio Pam with her dog

Pam and her dog

Northern Ohio airedale club Phil

Phil and Annie

Airedale Northern Ohio club Frank

Frank wins by dragging his dog through the pins

Airdales Ohio Northern Club

Obedience training using a plate of hotdogs

Airdales club summer Ohio at Farm

Airedales teaching each other how to cool off
and enjoy the pond